Look Stylish With Silhouette Style Shade Clip-Ons!

Look Stylish With Silhouette Style Shade Clip-Ons!

Silhouette this time is about to unlock the confusion of all times. Spectacles or sunglasses? Both, actually. The Silhouette Style Shade Clip-ons are your fix for the day in shade and sun

StyleA relaxing lunch on the sun terrace, or a trip out with friends on a bright, sunny day, choose your favourites from five different shapes and two different colours. Turn the frameless Silhouette eyewear into a stylish pair of sunglasses by simply clipping on the Style Shades: flexible, fast and easy.

The Style Shades offer 100 percent protection against dangerous sun rays, -B and -C 87% blue light filter and a clear view through the polarised filter. They are nice and light to wear and fit perfectly – it is amazing what they can add to the eyewear and a person’s look when the sun is out.

The frameless Silhouette eyewear takes on a new shape with just one simple movement of the hand. Just clip the Style Shades on to the nose bridge of your regular glasses, that’s all it takes. The five Style Shades which come in two different sizes fit on to all frameless optical Silhouette eyewear. Two different nose bridge options ensure a perfect fit.Style

The possibilities are numerous, the results convincing. With the different lens type and sizes of the Style Shades, an eyewear is transformed into a flexible accessory, regardless of its original shape. All this while remaining just as lightweight and easy as it was before. Easy to wear, with high protection for eyes in the sun. High-tech materials, ‘Clean Coat’ and ‘Handmade in Austria’ all stand for workmanship of the highest quality.

“Making a change to ourselves is fun and allows us to always show ourselves in the best possible light. Because we adapt to the circumstances. Flexible, dynamic, fast and uncomplicated.” – Silhouette Eyewear.