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The new collection features new looks and trends that’s perfect for the Vogue woman as she engages with the fashion world and its creations

VO 2795S 2226_13

VO 2795S 2226_13

The Women’s Autumn/Winter Collection 2014/2015 by Vogue offers three elegant and dynamic choices that embody the spirit of the times with their exclusive details, highlighting the sophistication and charm of the collection. These easy-to-wear frames, with discrete, luminous detailing (such as the butterflies and bows on the temples by the hinge), and the exquisite geometric profiles, creates an inspired and harmonious collection that has both a modern and fashionable feel.

The warm colour combinations of shaded opal, matte blue, turquoise, and violet, generates soft and luminous effects, creating a feminine and sense of playfulness that, now more than ever, mirrors the glamorous spirit of the contemporary woman.

Through the trendy and playful style of In Vogue, the contemporary and discrete tastes of Casual Chic, and the classic and elegant lines of Timeless, Vogue has created a selection of around 13 models that are reflective of our times.

VO 2606S (Casual Chic)

VO 2606S 2235_14

VO 2606S 2235_14

Soft, round frames in a retro-style, with discrete details and delicate textures: these are the main characteristics of these acetate sunglasses, which are inspired by vintage styles and expertly combine refined, elegant details, such as those on the temples where they meet the hinge.

Once again, Vogue embodies the taste of the young woman who is in perfect harmony with the latest fashion trends and in tune with the urbane and refined city style. This essential accessory is further embellished with gorgeous, shaded colour tones on the front and temples. Available in a wide array of colours including; prune/ ivory / blush, violet / red-purple / lilac and bright blue / opal grey-blue / aquamarine.

VO 2884

VO 2884 2230

VO 2884 2230

Highlighted by the soft shape of its front, this optical acetate model with nylon temples offers an easy and chic style with its oval frame and discrete details. Ideally suited for the modern dynamic woman who is constantly on the lookout for the latest fashion trends.

The temples feature an embossed floral motif, which embellishes the model with a further softness and vivacity and giving it a Casual Chic touch. Available also with Asian Fit, this contemporary model comes in a wide colour palette including, opal hues of blue, aqua green, and violet, and the classic and elegant tones of black and dark Havana.

VO 2896S (In Vogue)

VO 2896S 2224_8H

VO 2896S 2224_8H

Original and glamorous, these nylon sunglasses feature light and fashionable lines, ideally suited for the woman who seeks accessories at the cutting edge of fashion. The details on this model are the characterising features that make it perfect for the tastes and style of the contemporary woman.

The wide square nylon front is enriched with a matte finish and an exquisitely embossed floral motif. Both these details contribute to giving the classic, playful, on-trend, and fashionable taste of In Vogue to a model that also features a youthful and modern design. This model offers a fresh and wide colour range including, black and dark Havana, and matte tones of violet, blue, and green.

VO 3917

VO 3917 959_S

VO 3917 959_S

The design of this modern optical model is inspired by vintage heritage and combines an stylised metal frame with vivacious colour details, thus producing a new style characterised by an original and surprising twist. Specifically created for the confident young woman who favours a retro style matched with the latest fashion trends, this model offers exceptionally refined details with a semi rim front and coloured floral motifs on the inside of the temples.

As a must-have accessory of the new season, this model comes in black and in various colour combinations including, brushed pale gold and brown, matte violet and violet, matte blue and blue.

VO 2872S (Timeless)

VO 2872S 2187_14

VO 2872S 2187_14

Retro elegance is the contemporary and constant element of the Vogue Eyewear lifestyle. This concept ensures the everlasting elegance of these sunglasses, which are further embellished with a bold butterfly-shaped frame and a delicate butterfly shaped metal detail on the temples where they meet the hinge.

The nylon materials make this model extremely light, easy to wear, and solid, serving to create its refined and chic look. It is specifically created for the elegant woman who seeks a feminine and sophisticated style, who loves to enhance her look with a touch of original elegance.

It employs high quality materials and a unique design and is available in a glamorous colour palette that includes various colour hues: black and top brown combined with pearl tones of beige, light blue, violet, and pink.

To view the complete collection, click here.

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  1. Ann Nurse

    I bought a pair of VO 2872S the same exact color shown above (Brown/ Pink) love the sunglasses and everyone loved them too. Lost them about 3 months ago and is looking to replace them. Do you have any in stock for purchase?

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