OKIA’s HDA® patents in Japan and Australia

OKIA’s HDA® patents in Japan and Australia

OKIA Optical Co., Ltd. (OKIA), the innovative Hong Kong-based eyewear company, recently announced that patents for its revolutionary HDA® (High Definition Acetate) Technology have recently been granted in Japan and allowed in Australia, in addition to its existing HDA®patents in Hong Kong, China and Italy.

okiaThe granted Japan patent and allowed Australian patent represent significant recognition of OKIA’s ongoing commitment to innovation and creativity and its outstanding contribution to technological advances in the eyewear industry. Moreover, OKIA has also applied patent protection for the HDA® Technology in different countries and regions, and some will be granted to OKIA very soon.

OKIA’s HDA® Technology allows the transformation of textures and colours into crisp high definition images, opening new incredible opportunities for various eyewear designs. Furthermore, the HDA® Technology can be combined with OKIA’s unique BMT technology, that marks another advance in overcoming rules and limitations that restrict creativity. The BMT technology, indeed, allows ultra-sharp cutting for all patterns giving them a strong metallic touch and making the realization of any imaginable pattern possible. The BMT technology can perfectly match with the HDA® pattern: the main graphic elements are clearly defined due to the elegant colour-blocking.

OKIA is dedicated to protecting its customers’ interests and to assuring them that OKIA products are genuine, as well as to protecting OKIA’s own rights and interests in its groundbreaking technological advances. One of OKIA’s missions is to create novel technologies to serve our customers with innovative products and most caring services. Accordingly to this mission, OKIA has applied for, and been granted, numerous patents worldwide on theHDA® Technology and other OKIA’s inventions. Furthermore, it is extremely important for OKIA to protect the intellectual property rights of its products and to deter any infringement of these rights, including taking legal actions when necessary.

What’s HDA?

High Definition Acetate (HDA) is a patented technology from multi aware winnig integrated eyewear service provider, Okia, which allows the transformation of textures and colours into crisp high definition that shows depth and a range of textures and patterns on acetate sheets. HDA oens up a whole new palette of creative design opportunities for designers.

HDA is the only technology that facilites such vivid, life-like patterns on acetate material – even 3D-like effects and textures – enabling designers and developers around the world to create exciting innovative designs that set new standards in style.

OKIA’s unique patented HDA technology is already revolutionising the eyewear industry with leading designers using it to create inventive new frames that are far ahead of the curve. Far superior to previous acetate printing options, HDA brings their designs to life, offering richer, crisper and more realistic colours, textures and patterns in high definition, and permitting multi layered effects for additional design possibilities.

HDA technology empowers eyewear designers to express their imagination more freely. Whether for regular eyewear, sunglasses or fashion eyewear, it opens up unlimited creative possibilities. While HDA is already revolutionizing the world of eyewear, its possibilities don’t stop there. Designers of other acetate products are now discovering the limitless potential of HDA technology. The future of design has never looked so vivid.