Immagine 98 – Silmo 2013 Preview



Model for woman with front part in acetate and temples made in exotic wood. The slight curvature of the temples highlights the natural grain of the wood.

Perfect synthesis of the elegance of the past with the appeal of the future, the Rye&Lye spectacle frames are worn by people who love luxury as they feel it as part of their own personality. That luxury made by details that must not be ostentatious, but that can are caught by who are able to see the true refinement of a craftsmanship and the pride of aImagine-98-Rye&Lye---mod.-cleopatra-c1
style all Italian.



Optical model with squared shape with the same concept of silicone temple with double colors (successfully presented at Mido), assembled with a metal front with same tones of colors.

The silicone temple – an hypoallergenic and bio-compatible material – can be easily twisted and turned, obtaining various combinations of shapes and colors that, depending on the position, allows to get always a new and original frame.

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