Sting gone wrong?

The recent sting operation by Zee Business channel… there’s been many reactions to it. Siraj Bolar, Editor-in-Chief, VisionPlus Magazine, shares his opinion on the same


Siraj Bolar, Editor-in-chief, VisionPlus Magazine

As happens with most media related events these days the ‘shock value’ is highlighted more than the ‘actual content’. I have been involved in the optical and ophthalmic industry since before we launched OpticPlus in 2000. Before that I had strong relations with very important members of the industry and it was at their behest that we actually started the magazine to serve as a platform for the industry to get together.

So today, I cannot sit back and just let a media sting undo all the efforts that the industry along with other associations have been doing to uplift the profession.

I think everyone in the industry wants professionalisation and is working hard at getting more qualified optometrists into the industry. And all said and done, an optical store does have to ensure its products are sold along with providing the right advice to the patient.

The media sting operation made it sound like the opticians were trying to convince uninformed patients to buy spectacles. It was a very unfair assessment as the media person seemed to purposely move the conversation towards a controversy and frankly they didn’t even seem to understand that a patient’s reading can be subjective. And ‘especially’ when the subject is a media person looking for TV ratings, the ‘subjectiveness’ can be amplified the way he chooses to.

BonTon Opticians, Dayal Opticals and Titan Eye Plus are very important and respected opticians and to undermine their credibility with just the use of ‘decibels’ is rather unfair. However I would like to give the industry an opportunity to vent their feelings and share their opinions on our platform. Please do let us know what you think about this. And you don’t have to agree with me… please feel free to say what you want to say in the comments below and we will ensure that your views are shared with our readers in an unbiased manner.


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  1. Vivek G Mendonsa

    The sting operation is ‘ uncalled ‘ and is very ‘ unfortunate ‘ . The Government is highly confused on the personnel required in Optometry . Is it Vision Technicians , Ophthalmic Technicians , 2 years or 4 years .

    You can’t blame the Government , we have 30 States , 6 Union Territories

    OCI – Optometry Council of India ,ASCO – Associstion Of Schools & Colleges , Political body and Advocacy – IOF – Indian Optometric Federation is there too .

    These bodies are there to help , assist , regulate the Profession .

  2. muhammed.asif hunani

    It’s very sad to come across the recent sting operation by Zee chanal I fully agree with Mr.Bolar sharings as well Mr. Vivek comments…

    I would rather take this matter professionally to compete with today’s chain of eye hospitals & online stores offering optical services and taking the first hand market share, lets take this challange and hire professional optometrist and change perceptions of customers by offering them a professional eye care services against the hospitals and get back walk-in customers business share to its pick once again ☘

  3. Sangeeta bhasin

    Media is ignorant of the fact that different prescriptions from different practitioners (be it an opthalmologist, optometrist at a hospital or an optical outlet) anywhere in the world is a reality.
    Why target opticians? 5 opthals in the same city on the same day can have different prescriptions for the same person .
    It is unfortunate that the opthalmologist interviewed on camera is ill informed about the scope of work and potential of an optometrist both in india and anywhere outside.

  4. Anup R Kumar

    The sting operation seems to be a planted one , done in bad taste.
    But this operation and one done a few years back by a tabloid at Ahmedabad does reflect the weaknesses in our way of conducting professionally.
    We should ensure that our optomtresits, eye care practitioners , refractionists , ophthalmic assistants conduct their job in a systemic & ethical manner and we dispense ethically

  5. Lalit Kalra

    This article brings to light the malpractices done by a news channel who was filling their time slot by showing false information to the Indian public in the name of news ,
    The sting in itself a sham designed to just scare and misinform the public was broadcasted done maybe with good intensions the channel failed to Itself firstly have the right expertise to help guide them through this news piece , even the panel put forth on the channel for debate fell short when it comes to basic knowledge of Refraction and optometry

    I would urge the Indian broadcast board along with our general public who we have been serving as opticians for over 55 years to help bring an end to this non sense debate or atleast make sure they are done with the right intentions and the right expertise to get a better result rather than just create a frenzy for nothing but some air time .

  6. Niranjan Rathi

    Here first of all government & its regularly body must clear all about vision testing parameters.It simply give utmost importance to consumer who pay & suffer.Here they ensure proper Quality trained work force in adequate quantity.Furter federations , trade associations upgrade it’s members in this regard.To blaming media is nothing but denying our weaknesses.

  7. Raheel akhtar

    Everyone should know the small amount of refractive error may be vary person to person by either optometrists or ophthalmologist , even can be ignored to put glass but can’t be prescribed pain killer tablet to reduced the headache or asthenopia, some body ignored little blurring vn and someone wants put glass it depends their profession and work . Our profession is to prescribed glass no if patient having small amount of error or high no , small amount of changes doesn’t matter as Dr mahipal has explaned very clearly because he has a lot of experienced about these kinds of issues.

    1. Post author
      FourPlus Media Content Manager

      Hello Raheel, thank you for the information. We would be pleased to receive more on the same from Dr Mahipal and feature is for awareness on the blog. If you have anything, please send it across to 🙂

  8. Dr Narendra Kumar

    I do find substance in what Sangeeta Bhasin, Niranjan Rathi and Raheel Akhtar say. Finding a little variation in spectacle Rxs issued at different places is not contrary to the normal practice of eye care as far as the person doing refraction is adequately qualified. Even though the classic book `Practice of Refraction’ by Sir Duke Elder says that it’s minor astigmatic errors that may result in eye-strain, optometrists working with ophthalmologists doing ethical practice know that in many cases prescribing glasses for minute errors of refraction avoided especially in those cases presenting other possible causative factors. In any case, doing such so-called sting operations with a view to gain popularity is totally unwarranted. But that doesn’t negate the need of enacting Government legislation to regulate the practice of refraction only in the hands of those who are qualified!

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