La Moda Sunglasses Opens In Ezdan Mall – Doha (Qatar)

La Moda Sunglasses, the leading luxury eye wear retail chain from Pure Gold Group, has opened its newest store in the region and first in Qatar.

 The outlet at Ezdan Ma is one of many more for La Moda in 2013 as part of its large expansion plan this coming year. La Moda Sunglasses display the latest collections from various global luxury brands like Prada, Gucci, Chopard, Emporio Armani, Rayban, Vogue, D&G, Oakley, Lacoste, Fascino, Chloe, and Tom Ford and Mont Blanc among others. All the stores sport a trendy, up market look with easy to browse display and elegant interiors, making sunglasses shopping an enjoyable experience. The new store at the new extension in Ezdan Mall in Doha, Qatar currently displays almost 700 sunglasses and benefits with a prime location in one of Doha’s newest, largest and most prestigious malls.

La Moda Exclusives is a retail chain of 15 exclusive sunglasses boutiques owned by Pure Gold Group in the UAE, Oman and Qatar. The brand promises to redefine the luxury eye wear shopping experience forever. La Moda Exclusives’ retail concept is defined by artistic, elegant interiors, which lend a contemporary look to the store space. A unique viewing space is provided for customers to try on the eye wear from world class top brands. Latest arrivals and limited-edition sunglasses are showcased in a special product gallery.

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  1. Jude Shi

    Dear Vision Plus.

    We are Laike Glasses cases located in Wuxi City, China, from the name you can see we are a factory which produces the glasses cases.
    You know why we are here, you may think this mail will outline the history of our company-the story of how we sprouted from a workshop created by a 18 years old young man, first appeared as a worker in a eyewear cases factory, you are predicting a heavy, cliche-ridden story about how serious we are about cases and how our passion for the goals to become the business standard. You are assuming that if our products export to Japan’s biggest glasses company and UK’s Tesco is ture or false.
    Although the words above is ture, there is something we would rather talk about, something you haven’t thought of.
    Something that will catch you off guard.
    Something remarkable.

    We see into the future.
    We want to bring better life to the workers in my factory, most of the workers are women from all around China, some even from Yunnan, the far southwest province in China, they haven’t got a good education but they work hard, in the factory need a lot hand work, they done very good. If we can get more orders, if we can be the top 3 cases supplier in China, I think we can do better to help more people, to enhance the industry standard.
    We can’t find a way contact directly with the clients like TESCO, or Walmart, only deal with the trading companies, this is the obstacle that we can’t grow as we wish.
    Now we can contact with you, if you have any concerns, talk with me, let’s figure it out together.

    Thank you.

  2. Diana Jean Bautista

    Hi Lamoda! I would like to ask if you do adjusting of frames? I didn’t buy the sunglassses in your store. My tomford sunglasses is too wide. On the temple part.. Please let me know if how much you cost for the adjusting and replacing the push nosepad.

    Awaitinf for your response

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